Welcome to Springboard’s documentation!

Springboard is a library and command line tool for scaffolding and bootstrapping sites for Universal Core.

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pip install springboard

Starting a new site

First make sure you have Elasticsearch installed and running, then:

$ springboard startapp myapp
$ cd myapp
$ springboard import https://github.com/universalcore/unicore-cms-content-ffl-tanzania -v
$ pserve development.ini --reload

Starting server in PID 70411.
serving on

Now visit in your browser and see the skeleton site with the content loaded from the repository.

The templates and the static files used the render and style the content are in the myapp/templates and myapp/static directories.

Have fun!

Springboard installs with a few more command line tools that make it easy to clone, index, map & sync the data. Have a look at the Springboard Tools documentation